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H-PIN board

H-pin: H057 Series

Minimum pitch 0.7mm

H-PIN Highlights

The H-Pin H057 Series has an outside diameter of 0.77 mm and supports applications 0.7 mm pitch and above.

Standard Part Numbers:
H057LL1A / H057UL1A / H057DL1A
(Available as loose pins or on carrier strip)

Pitch: 0.70 mm (min)
Working Travel: 0.50 mm
Contact Force (at working travel 0.50 mm deflection)       H057XX1X, spring option 30.0 gf
Full Length: 2.99 mm
Compressed Length: 2.49 mm
Operating Temperature: -55°C to +180°C
Mechanical Life: 500,000 cycles
Contact Resistance: <30 mΩ
Current Rating (free air): 3 amp
Self Inductance: 0.95 nH
Capacitance: 0.284 pF
Bandwidth @ -1dB 18.1 GHz
Stamped Contact: BeCu, Au Plate
Spring: SS, Au Plate

H_PIN H058 drawing