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H-PIN board

H-pin: H033 Series

Minimum pitch 0.4mm

H-PIN Highlights

The H-Pin H038 Series has an outside dimension of 0.38 mm and is ideally suited for applications with 0.50 mm pitch, but can also be used for larger pitch applications with shorter signal paths.

Standard Part Numbers:
H033DL1A / H033LL1A
(Available as loose pins or on carrier strip)

Pitch: 0.40 mm (min)
Working Travel: 0.40 mm
Contact Force: 14.3gf
Full Length: 3.81mm
Compressed Length: 2.91 mm
Operating Temperature: -55°C to +180°C
Mechanical Life: 125,000 cycles
Contact Resistance: <50 mΩ
Current Rating (free air): 1.8 amp
Self Inductance: 0.75 nH
Capacitance: 0.067 pF
Bandwidth @ -1dB 10.0 GHz
Stamped Contact: BeCu, Au Plate
Spring: SS, Au Plate

H_PIN H033 drawing